To work with us

We know it’s a big deal to choose a construction company to work with. Why should you choose Gradual Peak? Well, apart from creating unique buildings for our clients, we also like to work together as one big team – our aim is to end up with clients who are friends and advocates!

Our Approach

Is therefore to inform and support and is totally non adversarial

no.1 Communication

Our clients are often embarking on one of the largest purchases of their lives. Extending or refurbishing or even building anew is not an every day experience. The Contracting process and involvement with a previously unknown Contractor is potentially unfamiliar and stressful, our approach is essentially one of clear and informed communication.

no.2 Budgets

In our experience the greatest stresses arise over financial issues and timing. We aim to understand our client's specification and budgetary requirements from the start and to set fixed financial targets which may only be varied with advance client agreement. We prepare a fully costed quotation so that you know that the project is within budget.

no.3 Timescales

We understand the importance of adherence to timescales for Client and Contractor alike. To that end we maintain an internal discipline of Weekly Planning Meetings for Managers and Supervisors. We also involve key trades staff in this process from time to time to maintain the awareness of our whole team.

no.4 Quality

We work closely with our clients to achieve the quality and facility required within a fixed budget.

We employ our own tradesmen to ensure the quality of our work is of a consistently high standard. We subcontract loyal Specialist Trades eg. Electricians and Plumbers who are familiar with our standards.